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Property Maintenance
Residential Lawn Maintenance

Your Lawn Requires A Lot of Attention

Paradise Residential Lawn Maintenance has been serving the Tampa Bay area with excellent care for over 10 years. We pay attention to the detail that most landscaping companies do not. We will maintain your landscape with the love and care it deserves.

Landscape Maintenance

We will happily work together with you to create a plan to enhance your landscape and fit your budget. Our comprehensive approach to landscaping includes regularly mowing and trimming your lawn. Periodically, we will prune and fertilize the landscape. We guarantee that we will only use the highest quality products and provide professional oversight of your lawn. Our primary goal is to provide you with a dependable service that reflects our unwavering attention to detail. The end result is that the beauty of your property is enhanced and its value increased.

Tree Care

Trees add beauty and character to any residential property. Constant care is needed to ensure that trees grow healthy and that they do not pose a potential risk to your home or property. Tree pruning is a necessary part of tree maintenance. It ensures that they are safe, and it keeps them looking attractive. Removing diseased or unwanted branches from your trees is an essential part of maintaining your tree’s health. Our expert arborists are trained to safely remove sick or unwanted branches, while at the same time protecting the trunk of your trees. When you invest in tree care, you are making a lasting investment that is going to keep on paying dividends as long as you own your property.

Clean Up

Spring is the perfect time to have a professional come and do lawn cleanup. Spring is a great time of year to start planning landscape improvements. If there were any drainage problems that showed themselves over the winter, let us come and work with you to clean up the mess and plan a beautiful, new landscape that will prevent this problem from occurring again. We will work with you to adjust the grading of your property and divert water away from the house. We will make sure that water is being directed appropriately to underground drains, and we will remove any obstacles that might be contributing to winter flooding, such as a poorly sloped patio.

Client Testimonies
  • Hard working, honest and professional describes 100% Paradise Design Landscape. My company has been nothing but satisfied with the work performed week after week, and hopes to continue our business relationship for many years to come! Michael Property Manager, ESS Brandon, FL

    Property Manager
  • Very pleased with how he showed respect to me and his employees. He is smart and gets the job done right!

    DJ&J Farms LLC
  • Just had the front yard of my central Florida home landscaped by Paradise Design. It looks amazing-well worth the wait! Jarred provided excellent customer service. All correspondence, whether via email or phone was answered within minutes. I was able to plan the entire project from N.J. Jarred provided computer generated pictures via email. He made the entire process very easy. Would definitely recommend his services!

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