Our Passion For Service

It seems like every few months you hear that new sensational story about a group of college friends who were sitting down at their favorite burger joint and, while drinking a few milkshakes, scribbled down an idea on a napkin that became the next billion-dollar company. Well, that is not our story. Our story begins and ends with sweat, dirt, and a whole lot of hard work.

Founder Jarred Rose began his career in landscaping by cutting grass, trimming trees, pulling weeds, and laying sod. Every single day, he was expending his energy, working for other companies, trying to make residential and commercial landscaping look good. The only problem was that, at the end of the day, when Jarred looked back on the work that he did, he never felt satisfied. He always felt that the job could have been done better. Now, this was not for a lack of effort on Jarred’s part. He gave 100 percent all the time. Unfortunately, the results of the landscaping projects he worked on were hampered by his employer’s desire to save money by cutting corners.

Out of necessity, for some time Jarred continued to work for landscapers who seemed to be more concerned with the bottom line than they were with providing their customers a high-quality product. Eventually, it got to a point where Jarred said, ‘enough is enough.’ He could no longer stand using his energies to provide a sub-par service. Out of his frustration of not being able to provide his clients with the quality landscaping he felt they deserved, Jarred quit working for his employer and started his own landscaping company, aptly named Paradise Design Landscape.

From day one, Jarred was resolved to accept nothing but excellence from himself, his Team, and the products that they use. Jarred has high standards for himself and for his Team. This is Art for us, We truly enjoy what we do.  As a result of this, Paradise Design Landscape has made a name for itself working with large firms such as Panda Express, Kobe Steakhouse, multiple Urgent Care Facilities and FedEx, Charley’s Steakhouse, Texas Cattle Co., Starbucks, Outdoor Impressions just to name a few.

At Paradise Design Landscape, it is understood that Happy Team members are Fun & Productive Team members. For this reason, many initiatives have been started in order to reward the hard work and dedication of the employees at Paradise Design Landscape. Even though Jarred has years of experience working in the landscaping field, he realizes that there is always new things to learn. He encourages his Team to come to him with suggestions and to approach him with new and exciting ideas. He is always looking for ways to serve his clients better.

At Paradise Design Landscape one thing is understood “Life is a Team Sport” something that was instilled in him as a child from his late Father Todd Rose who died of cancer at age 47. “Paradise is not a place its a feeling ”  We want to change the market, elevate it into a unique and creative way.

Thanks to Jarred’s leadership, his professional approach to landscaping, his creative ideas, and his acceptance of nothing but the best from himself and Team, Paradise Design Landscape  has grown to be one of the premier landscape design firms in our area. It is our pleasure to work with you in beautifying your residential or commercial landscape.

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Our Experience

Residential Service - 12 years
Commercial Service - 10 years
Design Service - 10 years

Some of our clients

The Learning Experience
Centra Care
Texas Cattle Company
Charley’s Steakhouse
Kobe Ichiban
Panda Express
Extra Space Storage
Gordon Food Service